Parents For Autism are here for you and your child...

How Did The Group Start?

Parents for Autism was founded by Lindsey Butterfield. Lindsey has a son diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. Having experienced personally the isolation, helplessness and emotional exhaustion that bringing up a child on the Autistic Spectrum can create, Lindsey became very aware that support and true understanding for parents was virtually non-existent.


How many times have we heard the well meaning, but unfortunately 'empty' words of "Oh I understand. It must be hard." when deep down you know that true understanding and compassion can only come from someone who really does know and experiences the same genre of struggles as yourself.


Isolation, low self esteem and loneliness can very quickly encompass a parent of a child on the Autistic Spectrum.


Lindsey took it upon herself to do something about the serious lack of support, understanding and encouragement. Hence, in 2009, Parents for Autism was born and we now have 350 members!

What Do We Do?

We listen to each other.

We support each other.

We help each other.

We are there for each other in moments of crisis.


Why? Because we know. We understand. We've been there. We have the same experiences. We've struggled in the same ways. We've felt the same isolation. We've suffered the same condescending comments and attitudes from others. We are/have been exhausted, tired and totally worn out... just like you. More importantly though: WE CARE.



Links And Useful Information


Information on West Sussex Short Breaks for Disabled Children


Link to download a copy of the current SEND Code of Practice



Real Practical Support

Parents for Autism are also a wealth of real practical support.


We have regular guest speakers that provide us with truly valuable advice. Some of our speakers are the Health Professionals that we see at the hospitals regarding our children. Others are from the Special Educational Needs departments that are directly involved with our children in school.


We have had a representative of the National Autistic Society come over to talk with us, plus many other relevant guests from various organisations and departments, even our local police force! All of which have empowered us as parents with a wealth of knowledge and advice.


You can also access advice regarding respite, benefits, Special Educational Needs issues, behavioural issues, the list is endless. There will always be someone that can point you in the right direction for whatever your concern may be. Remember....we've all done it before or are in the middle of it now!!